Friday Fake Factoids Recommendations from Jo Ousterhout

These women candidates have been hand-selected as we believe they have the best opportunity to win in November. Please consider giving to these candidates to help them win.  Whether giving to the entire slate, or to individual candidates, you can choose the amount you’d like to give, in any amount $5 or more per candidate. Thank you!

[Revised as of October 24 to reflect my understanding of current state of play — an interplay of polls, local intel, funding.]

US Senators: These are all Toss-Up races: Sinema (AZ), Rosen (NV), Smith (MN), and McCaskill (MO). And Democrats need these women in the Senate.  Whether or not you agree with all their positions (and you may not, as they hail from purple/red states), you want them, not their opponents, as Senators. Seriously. Choose one or several and please contribute in any amount $5 and up per candidate.

US House of Representatives: All these women can win, with our help. Most are challengers. This year, Democrats have the energy to overcome the odds (which overwhelmingly favor incumbents) and get them in office.  Remember, Democrats need 23 seats to win the house. Help build the #BlueWave by donating in any amount of $5 or above/candidate. Any and all contributions are helpful and valued — thank you so much!



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