Anya Motwani | Women Advocating for Maternal Health

Hey there! My name is Anya Motwani, and I am a senior at the Nueva School. Seeing the way that healthcare policy has evolved in this country has been a truly complex journey. Now, as we emerge in this post-Dobbs era, making sure we are helping to elect officials that care and advocate for securing these healthcare-related rights is more vital than ever. The candidates on this slate have worked in their respective offices to champion initiatives and measures that work toward ensuring adequate maternal healthcare. Congresswomen Alma Adams and Lauren Underwood, for example, launched the Black Maternal Health Caucus in 2019, and since then, it has grown to become one of the largest bipartisan caucuses in Congress. Senator Elizabeth Warren, alongside Underwood, worked to reintroduce the Maternal Health Pandemic Response Act to tackle maternal mortality in the wake of the 2020 pandemic. These women have championed the efforts to protect maternal health rights, and now you can help them do so!

Let’s work together in ensuring adequate healthcare for all!

Image: Oksana Kalmykova



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