Year of the Woman (Governor)

The Electing Women Alliance

invites you to attend a virtual event in support of 

the 5 incumbent Democratic women  governors running for re-election this cycle:

Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York

Laura Kelly, Governor of Kansas

Michelle Lujan Grisham, Governor of New Mexico

Janet Mills, Governor of Maine

Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan


with special guest:

Kate Brown, Governor of Oregon


June 7th, 2022, 8 pm EST

Zoom link will be provided upon RSVP

Host Committee, including VIP reception: raise or donate $5,000

Friend: $500

Guest: $250


*Donations will be divided evenly among candidates. Limits vary by state, so if you donate more than $1,000 per candidate, a member of our team will follow up to confirm limits have not been exceeded.*

For more information, please contact Annalise Pflueger at

Paid for by WomenCount
Authorized by Gretchen Whitmer for Governor, PO Box 15282, Lansing, MI 48901.
Authorized by LAURA KELLY FOR KANSAS, KEVIN MCWHORTER, TREASURER (The maximum contribution per individual or entity is $2,000 through the August 2022 Primary Election. Cash contributions must be limited to $100 or less. If you have any questions about making your contribution, please contact:
Authorized by Mills for Maine; Barbara Trafton, Treasurer. Contributions to Mills for Maine are limited to $3,450, attributed as $1,725 for each of the primary and general elections. Maine law requires Mills for Maine to collect the name, address, occupation and employer of each individual contributor of more than $10. No person may make a contribution in the name of another person. No individual may make contributions to candidates aggregating more than $25,000 in any calendar year. Please contact with questions.
Friends for Kathy Hochul will accept no more than $69,700 for the 2022 election cycle ($22,600 for the primary/$47,100 for the general) in contributions for the 2022 election from individuals, unincorporated unions, political action committees, and unincorporated trade associations. Partnerships that contribute in excess of $2,500 total over the course of the cycle will be required to specifically identify the partner(s) responsible for the contribution(s), and the attributed amount will be counted against each partner’s individual contribution limit. Total contributions from a corporation or LLC may not exceed $5,000 per calendar year in the aggregate to all New York state and local candidates and committees. Any LLC that contributes will be required to provide Friends for Kathy Hochul with details regarding the LLC’s members and their ownership interests. It is strictly prohibited to reimburse another individual’s or entity’s contribution. All contributors must be either US citizens or permanent resident aliens (green card holders). Pursuant to Executive Order, (1) New York State agency and public authority at-will employees, (2) board or commission members serving at the pleasure of the Governor or another appointing authority, and (3) public authority members appointed by the Governor, may not contribute to and/or fundraise for Friends for Kathy Hochul.

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