About WomenCount

A Political Organization for Women

WomenCount is a non-profit political organization that gives women of all generations and backgrounds from around the United States a powerful voice in the political process. Our organization has two arms: a 527 that will conduct issue-related campaigns and a PAC that will raise and donate funds to candidates for office.

A New Grassroots Approach to the Women's Movement

The Internet has transformed grassroots activism. Instead of organizing in living rooms, political campaigns are now sprouting online. The web has become a powerful tool in the political process— for issues, for candidates, for fundraising. It's time for the women’s movement to leverage these opportunities, and WomenCount is poised to help.

The 2008 Democratic presidential primary campaign and the historic candidacy of Hillary Clinton changed the conversation for and about women in America. Her success, although it fell short, awakened for women all over the country— even those who did not support her— the possibility of what still can be. Her campaign was only a beginning.

Now, we will tap in to that emotion to harness the passion and energy of the history-making 2008 election and carry it forward. Think of WomenCount as a MoveOn for women’s issues and ideas. With the power of a grassroots coalition of politically engaged women behind us, we’ll be flexible, adaptable, and participatory— a political force to be reckoned with.

Our Story

WomenCount PAC was created in May 2008, in direct response to calls for Hillary Clinton to bow out of the Democratic presidential primary contest. Our first ad, “Not So Fast,” ran in several national and local newspapers and earned enormous press attention, establishing WomenCount PAC as a major voice for women in the presidential campaign and the political process.

In the weeks that followed, WomenCount PAC collected thousands of supporters, raised $500,000, launched three advertising campaigns, and donated to several woman candidates for Congress. We continued to receive significant press attention.

Since then, WomenCount.org has evolved into a watchdog for news about women in politics and has launched three major campaigns to promote greater inclusion of women's voices in the political discourse. The first, conducted last August, resulted in language about gender bias being included in the Democratic Party Platform for the first time ever. The next campaign, “I’m a woman. I have issues” gives women a voice in the political process by encouraging them to tell the personal stories behind the political and social issues that matter most to them.

WomenCount's latest grassroots initiative calls for a Presidential Commission on Women.

We are excited about beginning this new chapter in our story, and we encourage you to join our movement— so that your vote will count and your voice will be heard.

Our Founders

Susie Tompkins Buell - The co-founder of ESPRIT, entrepreneur Susie Tompkins Buell sold her successful business in 1996 and has since become heavily involved in politics. A longtime friend and supporter of Hillary Clinton’s, Susie's main focus as a political activist is to support and encourage women to enter the political arena as she believes the imbalance of men and women in government is the cause of many of our problems. She has two daughters and five grandchildren and lives in Bolinas, Calif., with her husband.

Rosemary Camposano - A former Silicon Valley communications and public relations executive, Rosemary Camposano has worked for a number of high-profile tech companies, including Motorola, Oracle, Seagate, 3Com, and others. After eight years at home raising her son, Rosemary became impassioned about the rapid deterioration of American civil liberties and has become active politically as a result. She lives in Los Altos, Calif., with her husband and son.

Stacy Mason - The Executive Director of WomenCount, Stacy Mason, is the former editor-in-chief of Roll Call, the newspaper that covers the U.S. Congress. She has also previously worked at The Economist in London researching and launching new publishing ventures as part of the Development team. Most recently, she worked as Associate Publisher of The Federal Paper, a start-up newspaper focusing on the White House and politics. She lives in Palo Alto, Calif., with her husband and three children.

Amy Rao - The founder and CEO of Integrated Archive Systems, Amy Rao also devotes much of her time to raising awareness about climate change, global warming and environmentally friendly habits in both the workplace and home. President of the 11th Hour Project to promote sustainable lifestyle choices, Amy also serves as chairwoman of the board at The Regeneration Project and sits on the Advisory Boards of E2 and Emerge America. She is married and lives with her 5 children in Palo Alto, Calif.

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