Elizabeth Warren

Democrat for MA-US Senate

Top Issues: Financial Regulation, Consumer Protection, Labor Rights, Affordable Housing, Prescription Drug Costs

Committee Assignments: Chair: Subcommittee on Economic Policy; Subcommittee on Personnel; Committees: Finance; Aging; Armed Services; Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs; Subcommittees: Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection; Securities, Insurance, and Investment; Health Care; Social Security, Pensions, and Family Policy; Taxation and IRS Oversight; Emerging Threats and Capabilities; Strategic Forces

Major Legislation: Bank on Student Loans Fairness Act; Glass–Steagall Act; College Student Hunger Act; Consumer Health Insurance Protection Act

Election Outlook: Cook Political Report rating: Solid D.
Sen. Warren beat her 2018 general election challenger—MAGA Republican Geoff Diehl—by 24 points. Since then, he’s become a perennial loser, coming in nearly 30 points behind Gov. Maura Healey in the 2022 gubernatorial. Sen. Warren could face a race if the MA GOP can nominate a moderate, but that’s not likely—they’ve been captured by extremists who drove out popular Republican Gov. Charlie Baker, giving Democrats total control of the state.

Years in Office: 2013-present

Profession: Law Professor; Labor Economist

Professional Experience: Member, FDIC Advisory Committee on Economic Inclusion; Chair, Congressional Oversight Panel, Emergency Economic Stabilization Act; Assistant to the President and Special Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Education: BS, University of Houston; JD, Rutgers University

Did you know?

In high school, Warren was known as “Oklahoma’s top high school debater” and won a debate scholarship to George Washington University.