Jacky Rosen

Democrat for NV

Help re-elect Jacky Rosen to the U.S. Senate and protect the Democratic Senate majority


Contributions to Jacky Rosen Victory Fund will be allocated as follows:

The first $6,600 of each contribution from a person and the first $10,000 from a multi-candidate committee (“PAC”) will be allocated to Rosen for Nevada. The first $3,300 of a person’s contribution and the first $5,000 of a PAC’s contribution will be designated for the primary election; the next $3,300/$5,000 will be designated for the general election. The next $10,000 of contributions from an individual, and the next $5,000 from a PAC will be allocated to Nevada State Democratic Party. The next $5,000 of contributions will be allocated to Smart Solutions PAC.