(Photograph came from the flickr account donjd2)

(Photograph came from the Flickr account donjd2)

The success of GiveGreen requires a powerful set of individuals who will work together to build the political power of the environmental community and to ensure Congress takes action.GiveGreen donor tools are designed to help you maximize your impact through GiveGreen. The GiveGreen donor tools will walk you through all of the features available to you to develop your own, personalize “My GiveGreen” web portal. Once you set up your “My GiveGreen” portal using the instructions in the donor tools, you will simply be able to log in to your “My GiveGreen” and begin to change the politics on climate change.The donor tools can show you how to:

  1. Set a fundraising goal and track your progress towards that goal. Setting a goal is a smart way to ensure that you are clear about what percentage of your political giving will be prioritized for environmental champions. And setting a goal can also help incentivize your network who will be motivated to help you meet your goal.
  2. Spread the word about GiveGreen and specific candidates you have chosen to support. These donor tools provide sample emails and Facebook posts you can use to promote GiveGreen candidates to your network. Donations contributed by your network will be counted towards your fundraising goal.
  3. Track your GiveGreen by allowing you to view and download all of the donations you and your network have given through GiveGreen. This feature can help you with your own personal financial records but also allow you to review which of your appeals to your network have been the most successful and who in your network they have engaged.
  4. Provide a testimonial that will be shared with other GiveGreen supporters like you. Online giving is extremely convenient and pragmatic but it does not always feel very personal. Help us develop a GiveGreen community by sharing your photo and short testimonial on why you support GiveGreen. With your permission, we will share this with other GiveGreen supporters under the testimonials tab. Be a visible member of the GiveGreen online community committed creating a better world for future generations.

Setting a Goal

In all things that you do, consider the end. – Solon

The threat of climate change has never been so dire. We must be bold if we are to going to change the politics on climate change and get Congress to take action soon.

By being thoughtful about setting a GiveGreen goal that is stretch but still in sight, you are taking the type of bold step we need to change the politics of climate change.

Setting a GiveGreen goal is also a great way to engage and incentivize your network. Your friends and colleagues will feel more apart of a call to action via an event, an email or Facebook post if they know how their contribution fits in to the overall goal of the fundraising effort.

We hope to make this fun, too, by providing a thermometer that will provide a visual measure for you and your network of how you are progressing towards your goal.

Be Bold. Future generations are counting on it.


Use the text below to share your fundraising page. Remember to replace the red, bolded text with the name of  your candidate and the link to your page.



I’m fighting for the environment in 2014! Check out my new GiveGreen bundling page and help raise money to elect [CANDIDATES]: [LINK TO PAGE] Each of these candidates are strong champions for the environment and will fight to protect our planet from devastating impacts of the climate crisis. Will you help support their efforts by chipping in with a donation of just $10?



I just created a GiveGreen page to raise $$ for pro-enviro candidates who’ll fight to protect our air & water: [INSERT LINK] via @lcvoters



Dear [FRIEND],
2014 is a make or break year for the environment. If we hold the Senate we will keep our environmental firewall alive, but if we lose we could see all the momentum we’ve gained come to a screeching halt. That’s why I created my own GiveGreen bundling webpage to gather contributions from my friends and family for [CANDIDATE1, CANDIDATE2, and CANDIDATE3]. All three of these candidates are strong champions of sound environmental policy and are willing to fight back at attempts to weaken the EPA, undermine the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan, and the development of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

We need more Senators like [CANDIDATE1, CANDIDATE2, and CANDIDATE3] in Washington fighting to protect the air we breathe and water we drink.

Here’s the link to my GiveGreen page that supports these three candidates. Can you chip in with a donation of $10 or more to each candidate?

My personal goal is to raise $X,XXX by [DATE] and with your help, I know I will reach it. Please, take a moment right now and make a donation to support [CANDIDATE1, CANDIDATE2, and CANDIDATE3] to help them win in November.

Thank you so much for supporting GiveGreen candidates.