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We’re only 4 weeks away from 2023’s first crucial elections for Democratic women—in Virginia, Wisconsin and Illinois—during the last week of February. 

These races span the ticket, from a history-making US House election, to a statewide race that could flip judicial control, to another flippable state legislative race, and a mayoral race where we must preserve gains for Black women. 

Let’s make sure these races are fully funded—fast. Can you help us raise $2,023 on our brand-new 2023 February elections slate before Feb. 1?

The slate includes: 

✴️ Jennifer McClellan, VA-4: Last month, Jenn won the primary for this open Democratic seat. Now, we can potentially add one more Black woman to the House of Representatives, and the first from VA. Let’s make sure Jenn, who you may remember ran for governor in 2021, finishes strong on Feb. 21. 

✴️ Janet Protasiewicz, WI-Supreme Court: Janet is the only Democratic woman in this four-way primary to fill a Republican-held seat, which will determine control of the Wisconsin Supreme Court and affect abortion access in the state. The top two vote getters on Feb. 21 will compete in the general election in April. Let’s make sure Janet is one of them. 

✴️ Jodi Habush Sinykin, WI-State Senate-4: Democrats are in a 2:1 minority in the Wisconsin Senate, but flipping this seat would block the GOP from gaining a Senate supermajority. (They fell short of an Assembly supermajority last year). Jodi is the presumptive nominee, but this district leans Republican in the April general election. 

✴️ Lori Lightfoot, IL-Chicago Mayor: Incumbent Lori is still trailing Rep. Chuy Garcia, and the Feb. 28 primary is fast approaching. Lori is the first LGBTQ Black woman to be elected mayor of a major city. Her loss in this race would be an even bigger loss of Black women in politics. 

Thanks in advance for chipping in $5 to all of these women and helping us hit our $2,023 goal ASAP!

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