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We’ve heard some calls to set aside politics because of this crisis, but we can’t do that.

Because we can’t ignore that Mitch McConnell took a weekend off while a coronavirus aid bill passed by the House sat on his desk. And Senate Republicans are still holding up critical help for Americans who are losing their jobs.

In-person fundraisers are over for now. If Democrats are going to have the money to compete this year, it’s up to you to crowdfund it with us.

So if you have $5 to spare (after you’ve directly supported those struggling in your community, of course) will you give to the five women on our Senate Red to Blue slate and invite your friends to join you?

We know it seems like a low priority to give to political campaigns right now, when people are sick and scared, and many are already suffering the economic fallout from coronavirus.

But here’s a harsh truth: Republican big-money donors won’t be the ones to suffer in all of this. They’ll keep pumping unlimited cash into Republican races. And they won’t care that it was Republicans—with their science denial and enabling of Donald Trump’s incompetence—who helped put us where we are.

Politico is already reporting a “catastrophic” effect on Democrats’ campaign fundraising from coronavirus. And women candidates will be disproportionately affected by the downturn. You have to step up, IF you are able:

WomenCount was made for this moment. Give $5 to our Senate Red to Blue slate now, invite your friends, and help beat our $10,000 goal before the quarter ends on March 31.

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