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We passed two 2020 milestones yesterday.

It’s the first fundraising deadline of the year for US House and Senate candidates—and it’s Equal Pay Day, the day when women’s earnings catch up to what men made during the previous year.

As expected, campaign fundraising has cratered as the COVID-19 crisis has grown. Women candidates are likely to be hurt more, since they rely on individual donors for a greater portion of their fundraising. Women candidates also rely more on women donors, who are making $.80 for every $1 a man makes (thus, Equal Pay Day).

That’s why, although staying safe and supporting those most in need is the immediate concern of everyone at WomenCount, we can’t forget to support our House and Senate candidates.

Donald Trump is dangerous, and every minute he’s president the danger to our country grows. But it’s Republicans in the House and Senate who have made constant excuses for his negligence and lined up behind him, no matter what he did. And it was the Republican Senate that refused to exercise its Constitutional duty and remove him from office.

We can’t leave Republicans in charge of the Senate, or allow them to gain power in the House, and further endanger us with their science denial, economic cruelty, and attacks on our health care system.

Chip in $5 to our Senate Red to Blue slate.

Or chip in $5 to our Most Endangered House Democrats slate.

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