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Last week, our partners at Elect Black Women PAC released 5 new endorsements for 2023 candidates. 

Election Day for these women is in 40 days, so they need funding ASAP to make it across the finish line: 

  • Victoria Ward Masika, Town Commissioner, Hillsborough, NC 
  • Kristen Dart, Commissioner of Public Safety, Saratoga Springs, NY 
  • Dr. Tenisha Mack, City Council, Garfield Heights, OH 
  • La Tasha Williams, Court of Common Pleas Judge, Dauphin County, PA 
  • Denitra Moffett, Commissioner, Lycoming County, PA

Learn more and give $5 or more to each woman on our Elect Black Women PAC slate.


There are also six previous endorsees with elections on November 7: 

  • Stephanie Terry, Mayor, Evansville, IN 
  • Adrienne Hood, City Council, Columbus, OH 
  • Catherine Hardrick, City Council, Snellville, GA 
  • Ni’Aisha Banks, County Commissioner, Chatham County, GA 
  • Kimberly Pope Adams, Assemblymember, House of Delegates, VA 
  • Destiny LeVere Bolling, Assemblymember, House of Delegates, VA

Let’s make sure these women have the cash they need to compete and win now, increasing Black women’s representation and filling the pipeline for statewide and national races.

We’re really hoping you can give $5 or more today to help us meet our goal of raising $60,000 or more this month for Elect Black Women PAC’s candidates.

This partnership is so important to WomenCount’s mission of bringing the power of crowdfunding to as many Democratic women as possible. 

Thanks so much for your support!

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