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It’s clear by now that the last four weeks of the 2020 campaign season will be about one thing:


It’s looming over the presidential race, with President’s Trump’s diagnosis, and more of his staffers being diagnosed by the day. It’s looming over tonight’s VP debate, with questions swirling about Vice President Pence’s potential exposure. It’s looming over Congress, with three prominent Republican Senators battling active infections.

And it’s looming even larger over the economy, with Trump’s flip-flopping about whether there will be more stimulus negotiations before Election Day.

Under these dire circumstances, the only slate we could promote this week is our Coronavirus Experts—three doctors running in some of this year’s closest Congressional races: Dr. Barbara Bollier (KS-Senate), Dr. Hiral Tipirneni (AZ-6), and Dr. Kim Schrier (WA-8).

Channel this uncertainty into action: Give $5 to each of these women now.

Reckless actions from a reckless president, enabled by a reckless Republican Party that won’t put anyone or anything before their own personal gain, have put our nation’s safety at risk for the last time.

Let’s get them out: Chip in $5 or more now.

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