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Black women are the leaders of the Democratic Party. And we only have six days left to make sure that this year, the people we put in office reflect that.

Yes, we’re talking about Kamala—but not just her. Black women are running in some of the most-competitive races up and down the ballot, and they need our help now in the final stretch.

Give one final donation of $5 or more to Kamala and the five other women on our Support Black Women slate.

Two of these races are pure tossups right now: NY-2 and TX-24, where Jackie Gordon and Candace Valenzuela are running to flip open seats. If elected, Candace will be the first Black Latina elected to Congress.

The other two are a little tougher but winnable: AR-2 and NC-8, where Joyce Elliott and Patricia Timmons-Goodson can flip seats in the event of a major blue wave. Both are rated as “lean Republican” but that also means they are within reach.

And there’s one lieutenant governor’s seat we can pick off, in North Carolina with Yvonne Lewis Holley.

It’s historic that in a few days, we could see the first woman—a Black woman—elected to the vice presidency.

Let’s make sure Black women are poised to make historic gains up and down the ticket. Chip in $5 to our Support Black Women slate.

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