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8 Candidates Who Need Your Support ASAP

Did you know that only two states—Nevada and Colorado—have an equal number of women and men serving as state lawmakers? 

It’s no coincidence that the states with the fewest women lawmakers have some of the worst records on women’s health. And Ohio sits in the bottom half of both lists: 37th in women elected to state legislative office, and 34th in the number of women reporting their health as “good” or better, according to CDC data.

These statistics won’t change unless we take action. That’s why with a week left until voters head to the polls, we’re debuting a new slate of women running for State House seats in the Buckeye State.

Will you pitch in $5 or more to each candidate to help us raise $2,024 for them before Ohio’s primary on March 19?

This mission is critical right now, when women’s rights are under immense threat—and women themselves are running for office in greater numbers than ever before, but frequently are not seeing the same financial support their male colleagues receive. This is especially true for women of color: According to research conducted by WomenCount, Black women non-incumbents raise only 65 percent of the funds White women non-incumbents raise in similarly competitive general elections. 

Ohio is a state where we can make a big difference, right now: While it’s unlikely to be a presidential battleground, the US Senate race is one of the top targets in the country, and there are three targeted US House races—including two tossup races featuring Democratic women. 

That means national investment here will be high, and our support can turbocharge it. 

Additionally, Ohio’s legislative districts have been redrawn three times since 2020, meaning Democrats have the best chance in decades to flip state legislative seats and chip away at Ohio Republicans’ House supermajority. Let’s make sure women are the ones doing it. 

Please pitch in $5 or more to each candidate on WomenCount’s Political Parity in Ohio slate.

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