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Last week, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released its list of ‘frontline’ incumbents for 2024—seats that are at the highest risk of flipping Republican—and more than half the members on the list are women.

And this week, the National Republican Congressional Committee released its target list, and it’s a similar story: Just under half the target seats are women-held. 

Altogether, out of these 38 incumbent Democratic seats targeted by both the DCCC and NRCC, fully half—19—are currently held by women.

We’ve looked over both lists and picked out SEVEN women who won by 3 percent or less in 2022. Rush early money to them NOW before the first quarterly deadline (March 31) of the 2024 cycle.

The candidates are: 

✴️ Mary Peltola (AK-AL) — D+2.9 
✴️ Yadira Caraveo (CO-8) — D+.69 
✴️ Jahana Hayes (CT-5) — D+.79
✴️ Susie Lee (NV-3) — D+2.03
✴️ Andrea Salinas (OR-6) — D+2.03 
✴️ Susan Wild (PA-7) — D+1.6
✴️ Marie Gluesenkamp Pérez (WA-3) — D+.83

Our goal is gender parity in elected office, and seeing that half of the most hotly contested House seats in 2024 will involve women is disproportionate: The Democratic House caucus is only 43 percent women, and the House as a whole is still just under 29 percent women. And five out of our seven candidates are women of color, though they only make up 13 percent of Congress. 

If we lose any of these women, we’re at risk of a historic loss for women’s numbers in Congress, and we can likely kiss Democrats’ chance of taking back the House goodbye.

That’s why we’re asking you to rush a donation to these women NOW and start their campaigns off on strong footing.

And stay tuned for updates to this slate, including candidates in the open seats held by Reps. Katie Porter and Elissa Slotkin, who are running for Senate. 

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