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If 2022 was the Year of the Woman (Governor), and 2024 will be the Year of the Woman (Incumbent Senator), then 2023 is the Year of the Woman (Mayor). 

Right now we’re watching 17 major-city mayoral races where Democratic women are currently running, out of more than 30 happening across the country this year. Eleven of the 17 are women of color. 

That’s why 2023 Mayors is our first new slate of the year. Right now it’s five women with competitive primaries happening in the first half of this year—including one that will be competitive in the general.

Help them start the year off strong: Give $5 or more to each woman on our 2023 Mayors slate. Or customize your donation if you have favorites.

We’ll update this slate regularly as races develop. Right now, it includes: 

  • Lori Lightfoot, Chicago: Covid, crime and economic dislocation have taken a toll on Lori’s first term in office. In current polling she’s trailing her main opponent, Rep. Chuy Garcia, and the Feb. 28 primary is fast approaching.
  • Donna Deegan, Jacksonville: Florida’s capital is one of the few US cities with a Republican mayor. He’s term-limited, so this is a potential pickup for Democrats and women. But first Donna—who’s been endorsed by Ruth’s List, the state women’s PAC—needs to make it out of a crowded primary on March 1.
  • Leslie Herod, Denver: The incumbent Democrat is term limited, so Leslie—a current state legislator—could pick up this seat for women, women of color, and LGBTQ people. But first, she’ll need to win an April 4 primary that includes 20 declared candidates.
  • Robin Shackleford, Indianapolis: The incumbent Democratic mayor is vulnerable on the usual issues plaguing cities right now—crime, homelessness, housing—but winning the May 2 primary will still be an uphill battle for Robin, a current state legislator.
  • Cherelle Parker, Philadelphia: This is another crowded primary (May 16) for a safe Democratic seat with a term-limited incumbent. Cherelle—a current city council member and former state legislator—would be the first woman and first Black woman elected.

The first mayoral primary is coming up in just seven weeks. Rush a donation of $5 or more to each candidate while there’s still time.

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