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This week, a vote on key voting rights legislation failed in the Senate. 

We know this is hugely disappointing, and frightening—every moment we delay taking action, the more tools Republicans will have to subvert elections this year and in 2024. But this isn’t the end of the fight to secure our elections. 

There’s one thing you can do right now to help mitigate the threat from Republicans, especially in 2024:

Help Democratic women win governorships by giving $5 or more to our 2022 Governors slate.

One of the biggest threats to the presidential election in 2024 is that Republican legislatures might send a separate set of electors to Washington. Democratic governors can stop this in two ways: 

  1. By blocking changes to state legislation that would allow GOP lawmakers to more easily appoint electors, and 
  2. By submitting their own electors, since the Electoral Count Act specifies that a state’s governor must certify presidential electors.

Lawmakers in key swing states, including Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan and Ohio, have already floated both ideas. Luckily, we have great candidates running in all of them: 

  • Arizona: Secretary of State Katie Hobbs 
  • Florida: Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried and State Senator Annette Taddeo 
  • Georgia: Former Georgia House Speaker Stacey Abrams 
  • Michigan: Current Governor Gretchen Whitmer 
  • Ohio: Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley

Give $5 to each of these women and the nine others on our 2022 Governors Slate.

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