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The confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett start today and, unfortunately, it looks like a done deal. Republicans are determined, and Democrats just don’t have the numbers to block them.

That means winning the Senate and balancing the Supreme Court is now our only chance at enacting a bold progressive agenda. That’s gotten harder in recent days, with North Carolina being thrown into turmoil and possibly slipping out of our column.

Now, Democratic strategists are settling on Iowa as the potential Senate tipping point state. Theresa Greenfield has been consistently running 2 to 3 points ahead of Sen. Joni Ernst in the polls—a statistical tie, given the margin of error.

Can you give $5 or more to Theresa through our Senate Red to Blue slate, and help push this race from a tie into our win column?

The three other women on the slate—Barbara Bollier, MJ Hegar and Sara Gideon—could use a boost too. Some more than others, so when you give the slate, feel free to customize your giving. Here’s a quick look at those races:

Surprisingly, Sara Gideon’s race rating hasn’t changed much during the last three weeks. Polls for the Maine Senate race are quite varied—some have her up against Sen. Susan Collins by 7 or 8 points (well outside the margin of error), while others show a tied race. Most are in the 4 to 5 point range—good, but still too close for comfort.

Polls in Kansas show a much tougher race for Barbara Bollier, but one that is still within reach. Some polls have even shown a tie, or Barbara with a slim 2 to 4 point lead, though many race-rating organizations think Kansas is leaning toward Republican Roger Marshall. Which means that donations now continue to be impactful.

And of all the races on our Senate Red to Blue slate, MJ Hegar’s in Texas will be the toughest to pick up. Sen. John Cornyn has a consistent lead in the polls, but some local politicos think a blue wave is brewing that could make this race closer than it looks right now—and win Democrats control of the Texas House of Representatives.

Let’s maximize the chances of taking all of these seats: Give $5 or more to our Senate Red to Blue slate.

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