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Happy Galentine’s Day!

Are you wondering, what is Galentine’s Day? The formerly fictional holiday was created and popularized by the television show Parks and Recreation, as a day for celebrating the joy of female friendships and women helping women. 

Groups of female friends, banding together to help women candidates raise the small-dollar, individual donations they need to run for office is what WomenCount is all about.

That’s why today we’re asking: Will you be our Galentine and chip in $20 or more to our 2024 Senate slate?

We haven’t added a woman to the Senate since 2018, when the incumbents in this group were elected to their current six-year terms. One of those new women was Sen. Jacky Rosen, whose race to win a second term is considered one of the most competitive this cycle. 

Our slate includes three women in battleground states—Rosen and Sens. Tammy Baldwin and Amy Klobuchar, as well as Rep. Katie Porter, who’s running to replace a woman in California. There are other women lining up in open-seat races, and we will add them to the platform and our slates once they’ve announced. 

Sadly though, there are no opportunities to flip seats with women this cycle—yet, which means if we lose women in any of these 2024 races, we’ll lose women in the Senate overall.

We can’t let that happen. Celebrate Galentine’s Day by giving $20 or more to our 2024 Senate slate.

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