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Big Senate news!

Earlier today, Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin announced he won’t run in 2024, giving us the first opportunity since 2018 to replace a man with a woman in a safe Democratic seat and another opportunity to elect a Black woman to the Senate. . 

We’re hoping that woman will be Prince George’s County executive Angela Alsobrooks, who we’re expecting to announce any day now. 

Prince George’s County is the second-most populous in the state and is the largest and most affluent Black majority county in the country, giving Angela a strong base from which to run. Reps. David Trone and Jamie Raskin are considering the race, but sources in Maryland tell us Angela is positioned to win this primary. 

Give to her ASAP through our 2024 Senate slate. Your donation will process once her campaign is official, and strong early fundraising will send a clear message of support.

The last time a Democratic woman took the place of a man in the US Senate was in 2018, when Sen. Jacky Rosen defeated Dean Heller in Nevada. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema also won an open seat in Arizona that year. 

But we also lost two Democratic women in 2018, meaning we haven’t net gained Democratic women in the Senate since 2016. In fact, the 2017-19 Congress was the record high point for Democratic women in the Senate, when we held 17 seats. Now we hold just 15 and that includes the two retiring Senators, Debbie Stabenow and Dianne Feinstein. Women running in those races are also included on our slate. . 

The worst fact of all? No Black woman has served in the Senate since the beginning of 2021. 

Angela is our only pick up opportunity for women this cycle—so far, and one of only two Black women running for Senate. Let’s turn these trends around in 2024: Give now to Angela and the rest of the women on our 2024 Senate slate.

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