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A red to blue opportunity!

As promised, the second edition of our post-holiday news roundup: Two women who came close to flipping seats in 2022 just announced they’ll try again next year, setting up the perfect opportunity to introduce our new 2024 Rematches slate.

1️⃣ Jamie McLeod-Skinner will try again for OR-5, currently held by Rep. Lori Chavez-DeRemer.

Cook rates this race a tossup and it’s on the DCCC’s most flippable list. Jamie lost the general by 2 points last year after pulling off an upset primary win against an incumbent. But the district went to President Biden by 10 points in 2020, so the presidential election could supercharge turnout to put her over 50 percent. The primary is quite crowded, however. 

2️⃣ Monica Tranel wants a rematch with MT-1’s Rep. Ryan Zinke.

Monica came up short by only 3 points in 2022, the closest a Democrat has ever come to winning a Congressional seat in Montana. The different dynamics of next year’s race—when both Biden and Sen. Jon Tester (MT) will be at the top of the ballot—could be enough to give her a fighting chance at winning. 

Give both women an early campaign fundraising boost by chipping in to our 2024 Rematches slate.

Also on the slate are: 

  • Kirsten Engel, AZ-6: Cook says this race is a tossup and it’s one of the DCCC’s flip targets. The incumbent is freshman Rep. Juan Ciscomani. Kirsten lost by 1 point in 2022 and presidential dynamics won’t change the race’s competitiveness—Biden and Trump both received 49 percent in 2020.
  • Laura Gillen, NY-4: This is another Cooktossup that is on the DCCC’s frontline list. The incumbent is freshman Rep. Anthony D’Esposito. Laura fell 3 points short in 2022, though this district was Biden +14 in 2020.
  • Michelle Vallejo, TX-15: This district was redrawn in 2021 to be more conservative, which helped propel freshman Rep. Monica De La Cruz into Congress. But again, Senate dynamics—Sen. Ted Cruz is facing his most formidable Democratic challenger in years in Rep. Colin Allred—could shake things up.

All of these women need your support to stay competitive in their primaries and take on these vulnerable Republicans next year. Give $5 or more to each of them ASAP.

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