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Local businesses, closed for weeks, are struggling to stay afloat. And Democratic women candidates, who rely more on individual donors, are alsostruggling to stay afloat as the economic fallout trickles down.

We wanted to find a way for WomenCount to help. That’s why we’re expanding our platform so you can crowdfund for both — by virtually “hosting” a crowdfund-raiser for your favorite local business, cafe, or other public space.

We just beta-tested this idea with Manny’s cafe in San Francisco, and it was such a hit we knew we had to expand this option to the rest of our members. Here’s how it works:

First, choose a local business or other public space that’s important to your community.

Is there a place in your neighborhood that you love, or that’s really supported your community? Maybe a favorite lunch spot, coffee shop or bookstore where you’ve met friends to talk politics, among other things? Perhaps a gym or rec center that’s struggling? Or maybe a place that’s just special to you. Let us know their name and website, and we’ll reach out.

Next, pick a custom slate or stick with Senate Red to Blue.

This is a fundraiser, so of course you’re going to ‘host’ some candidates. The default will be our Senate Red to Blue slate, but if you want your slate to feature a different group of women candidates let us know.

Then, we’ll create a custom slate featuring your local business and your candidates and send you back a link.

Once your slate is done and you receive the link from us you should send it to your friends and post it on social media. We can send your custom slate to our membership list too. If you want to see how this worked for Manny’s in San Francisco, check out Manny’s Senate Red to Blue slate.

Stay tuned for our full Stay-At-Home Advocacy Toolkit, including ways to maximize your virtual fundraiser. In the meantime, let us know you want to virtually ‘host’ a crowdfund-raiser.

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