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The news last week really showed us why we must succeed in our Presidents’ Day mission—putting a woman in the White House.

It also gave us a challenge.

First up, the Democratic National Committee has officially laid down the rules of its grassroots fundraising challenge. To participate in June’s Democratic debate, candidates have to get at least 65,000 individual donations, from at least 200 unique donors (per state) in 20 states. WomenCount is here to help!

What better way to make sure Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren hit that threshold than by giving to our Presidents’ Day Mission slate?

Chip in $20 or more to each of them now, help them get on the debate stage, and help us hit our $2,020 goal on Presidents’ Day! (We’re more than halfway there.)

Make your donation recurring until June to see them through the first debate.

Then, we saw Donald Trump raise the stakes for electing a Democrat in 2020. In declaring a manufactured “emergency” on the border, he invoked his typical scare tactics, lies and fearmongering. He also threatened to pull funding from actual emergencies like hurricane and wildfire relief to fund the wall.

This might be his worst attack on presidential norms and the rule of law yet. And even if Congress takes action, it’s likely that only the next president will be able to undo it.

We believe these four women—in their experience, policy priorities and ability to galvanize voters around progressive priorities—are the best candidates to ensure the next president is a Democrat.

Give $20 to each of them for Presidents’ Day.


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