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We just saw over the last two nights why we need to keep women on the Democratic debate stage.

From Elizabeth Warren’s passionate call for progressive policies, to Amy Klobuchar’s defense of reaching the Midwestern, middle-of-the-road voter, to Kirsten Gillibrand’s explicitly feminist campaign, and Kamala Harris’s ability to call out predators, all have a credible argument for why they can beat Donald Trump and put a woman in the White House.

That’s why we can’t let this week be the last time we see our four top-tier women on the debate stage.

Chip in $5 each right now to Kirsten and Amy—who haven’t yet met September’s 130,000 donor threshold—by giving to our Keep Them on The Stage slate. Then chip in $5 more to Elizabeth and Kamala so their fundraising stays strong.

Of course, keeping them on the stage is also about equal representation. Cory Booker, Julian Castro and Andrew Yang have all hit the donor threshold this month. And we’re thrilled, because they’re good candidates—but not one of them is more qualified than Amy or Kirsten.

That means we have to change the dynamics that keep equal representation out of reach for women. Research shows that when women run, they’re just as likely as a man to win. Women actually out-performed their male counterparts in last year’s midterm elections, flipping 60 percent of seats.

So what’s the hold up? Representation is fundamentally a pipeline problem: Women can’t win if they’re not in the race. They can’t win if they’re not on that stage.

Right now, Amy Klobuchar is less than 10,000 donors away from reaching the threshold
. Kirsten Gillibrand is further away—but over the next month, anything could happen.

Can you help make it happen?

Give $5 to Kirsten and Amy now, then kick in $5 each to Elizabeth and Kamala to bump up their numbers before the next reporting deadlines.

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