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The general election field is set in Texas. Now, we can get to work turning it blue.

Pundits are already declaring Texas a presidential swing state due to Joe Biden’s surge in polling there. While we might not go that far, it’s true that Texas will be a big deal this year—up and down the ballot.

Texas could help us flip the Senate and increase our House majority. The Texas House of Representatives is on the verge of flipping too.

That’s why today we’re rolling out our 2020 Battleground Texas slate: Five close Congressional races and 10 close state house races.

Of course you know who’s at the top of our slate: MJ Hegar, who won her primary runoff last night. With Sen. John Cornyn polling well below 50 percent, and more than a third of voters undecided, she really could win.

Our most vulnerable House incumbent in Texas is Rep. Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, who flipped TX-7 just two years ago. Running to flip seats this year are Wendy Davis (TX-21), Candace Valenzuela (TX-24) and Gina Ortiz Jones (TX-23), who came within 1 point of flipping the seat in 2018. Now that the seat is open, her chances of winning are even better.

And then there’s the Texas house. Democrats picked up 12 seats in 2018, and only need to pick up 9 more to take control of the chamber. We need these women to win, so Democrats can flip the chamber, control redistricting in 2021 and remain competitive in Texas.

That’s what’s at stake in Texas—the US Senate, US House, and Texas House of Representatives. Will you chip in $5 or more to our 2020 Battleground Texas slate?

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