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By the time you read this, our newly elected House women might be sworn into the 118th Congress … or they might not. 

But even though their seating has been delayed, they still made a splash during their first week in Washington. Here’s a sample: 

Rep-Elect Summer Lee sits on the steps of Congress
Rep-Elect Brittany Pettersen with her husband and son
Rep-Elect Mary Peltola rocks traditional Yupik boots in the halls of Congress
Rep-Elect Emilia Sykes is sworn in by the Congressional Black Caucus

The US House of Representatives dominated the news, but new governors and other statewide elected officials were also sworn in and got straight to work.

Gov Gretchen Whitmer walks into her office wearing a pink coat
Gov Katie Hobbs helps the Arizona Service Project repair low-income housing

And we wanted to end on a high note, but we learned yesterday that Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan is retiring at the end of her term. Keeping her Senate seat in the hands of Democrats and women will be a major focus for 2024. 

Thank you for your years of service, Sen. Stabenow!

Sen. Debbie Stabenow announces her retirement

And thank you to everyone who donated to and campaigned for these amazing women in 2022. Our fight to increase women’s political representation in 2023 and 2024 starts now!

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