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By now you’ve seen the news: Sen. Joe Manchin will not run for re-election in 2024, essentially guaranteeing that his West Virginia seat will go to a Republican. A quick look at Cook Political Report shows they’ve already revised their race rating to ‘Solid R.’

That means we’ll need to win every Democrat-held Senate seat next year—including in seven competitive races—just to retain 50 votes in the chamber. 

We desperately need to expand the competitive 2024 Senate map, and the best way to do that is by supporting Debbie Mucarsel-Powell in Florida. It’s our most winnable pick-up opportunity.

Rush a donation to her ASAP via our 2024 Senate slate.

Debbie is an Ecuadorian-born immigrant who flipped a competitive House seat in 2018. While she lost her race in 2020, she was recruited heavily by Democrats to run against Sen. Rick Scott, who barely won his last election and is exceedingly unpopular in the state. 

Florida has been a tough play for Democrats in recent cycles, but abortion rights will give us the best opportunity in decades to win next year. Floridians Protecting Freedom, the organization working to get an abortion initiative on the ballot next year, has already collected over 500,000 signatures out of the nearly 900,000 they need to collect by Feb. 2. 

If this initiative makes it onto the ballot—and there’s an excellent chance it will—Debbie will be in position to flip this seat. 

Let’s make sure she has the early money she needs to compete: Give to her via our 2024 Senate slate.

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