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The response to our Get Them on The Stage slate has been incredible, Friend.

In just one week, we’ve moved more than halfway to our initial $2,020 goal—but obviously we need to go a lot further.

Some news from the world of political fundraising really drove that home this week. According to Politico, Donald Trump’s re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee are working together to create an online fundraising platform called Patriot Pass.

With it, they’re hoping Republican candidates can become major players in the realm of grassroots fundraising. Democrats have long dominated this kind of fundraising, but the truth is Donald Trump raised more in small-dollar donations in 2016 than Hillary did—and he could do it again against the next Democratic nominee.

Clearly, WomenCount—the only political crowdfunding platform dedicated to raising for Democratic women—is needed more than ever, Friend. Will you spread the word about us by sharing our Get Them on the Stage slate on Facebook and Twitter?

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