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Here’s a cool fact: In 2019, at least 2,019 women will serve in state legislatures across the country, according to the Center for American Women and Politics.

You played a role in that, by helping our Crowdfunding for Crowdfunding program raise $20,000 last year so WomenCount could support gubernatorial and state legislative candidates for the first time.

And we raised that $20,000 in the last few weeks of the year. Now, we need to raise it again, so we can expand again before the 2020 presidential race gets underway.

On Giving Tuesday, can you help get us there by chipping in to our 2020 Crowdfunding for Crowdfunding slate?

Donate $25
Donate $50
Donate $100

Once again there’s a big thing we want to do that your donation will make possible: hire another WomenCount team member to focus solely on building the partnerships that were so critical to helping us crowdfund $1.7 million for women this cycle.

After all, crowdfunding only works by growing networks of donors that can turn $30.33—our average donation per candidate—into a multi-million dollar fundraising platform to rival big spending from super PACs or corporate donors. We do this with a small team and a tight budget that relies on donations from our community to support operating costs.

Meeting our year-end $20,000 fundraising goal will sustain that expansion of our team through 2019 and into 2020.

Help us meet our goal and grow WomenCount: For Giving Tuesday, chip in to our 2020 Crowdfunding for Crowdfunding slate.

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