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Hillary’s birthday is TODAY, and we’ve been wondering: What is the best gift you can give a friend who could be our country’s First Woman President? 

A Democratic Senate, of course. And call it serendipity that it will be women candidates who will make that happen on Nov. 8.

Hillary’s poll numbers are encouraging, and we are thrilled to watch the new states that are now in play. But we also know we cannot rest, so we are continuing to phone bank and canvass with all of our heart until the very last minute. 

If elected, Hillary cannot implement her agenda without a Congress that’s willing to work with her — especially the Senate, whose GOP members are already threatening to filibuster her Supreme Court nominees. You can help by donating to my team on a new crowdfunding platform launched by WomenCount, the progressive organization I helped found several years ago.

Help me give Hillary the gift of a Democratic Senate. Give $5 or more to the candidates on my Happy Birthday Hillary crowdfunding team.


You might be wondering: Why crowdfunding?  

Women candidates raise a larger percentage of contributions from small-dollar donations than male candidates. That means they must spend more time securing individual contributions. Crowdfunding can fix this disparity by putting the power of finding new donors in your hands. It’s an easy way to empower individual donors and help elect more women. 

Please help me help Hillary — and make it easier for women candidates to fund their campaigns — by giving to my Happy Birthday Hillary crowdfunding team. After you make your donation you will be instructed about easy ways to share the team with others. 


We have 15 days to go. Let’s make them count.
In gratitude, trust and light,

P.S. All donors to my Happy Birthday Hillary crowdfunding team will also be entered in a raffle to win a special keepsake.
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