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It’s official.  

For the first time in history, a woman has a real shot at being the President of the United States—the most powerful person in the world.  

We know Hillary can do it! But even the most powerful person in the world can’t do the hard work alone. She’ll need a Democratic Senate.

That’s why, for the next 24 hours, you can join Team Philly at $20.16 or more to support Hillary Clinton for president AND our Senate SixPack slate.

Like us, you’ve probably been glued to your TV over the last two weeks, taking a front-row seat on the emotional roller-coaster provided by our country’s two main political parties. Donald Trump and the GOP presented a dark vision of America’s future, but this week, Democrats brought the light.  Our candidates believe in an America that can be proactive and compassionate on immigration reform, climate change, sensible gun reform and women’t health, among so many other things.

Hillary is a champion on these issues, and so are the women on our Senate SixPack slate. Together, they can do it—they can get things done!

Let’s put Hillary in the White House and deliver her the Democratic Senate she’ll need when she gets there. Give $20.16!


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