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2024 Senate TW

The final 2023 fundraising totals for every competitive US Senate race are out and, no surprise (sadly)—the longstanding disparities between male and female candidates persist. 

In the fourth quarter of last year, men in the most competitive races outraised women 2 to 1. Can you help fill this gap by giving to our 2024 Senate slate featuring this year’s most competitive races?

  • Jacky Rosen (NV), $3.2 million 
  • Tammy Baldwin (WI), $3 million

= $3.1 million average 

  • Sherrod Brown (OH), $6.6 million 
  • Jon Tester (MT), $5.5 million

= $6 million average

When you look at two of the closest races this year, Montana and Nevada, the disparity is especially stark. In 2022, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto retained her seat by less than a point, and this year, Sen. Jacky Rosen is a freshman, making her even more vulnerable. Sen. Jon Tester won Montana in 2018 by nearly 4 points. Plus, it’s much more expensive to run a campaign in Nevada than it is in Montana. 

Women are at risk this year of losing representation in Congress. If this disparity persists, we’ll have an even harder time maintaining parity, let alone making gains.

Close the gap: Give now to our 2024 Senate slate.

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