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It’s official:

We just lost a seat held by a Democrat (and woman) in CA-25, shrinking our majority and sounding the alarm for vulnerable freshman House incumbents in the fall.

Republicans didn’t just win a House seat during Tuesday’s special election—they won a huge dose of momentum for their fundraising operations.

Christy Smith fought hard, but in the end her campaign was no match for a Republican money machine that poured $2.5 million in outside spending into the race. She will be on the ballot again in the November general election but it will be an uphill battle now to take back this seat.

That same big-money machine is now emboldened to go to work on every single woman on our slate of the 10 Most Endangered Democratic incumbents. Please help them fight back by chipping in $5 or more to the slate ASAP.

We can’t allow Republicans to defeat any of the women we worked so hard to elect in 2018. Let’s get the slate to $50,000 by midnight so we can raise our goal.

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