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Imagine how different our conversation about impeachment would be right now if we had a Democratic Senate. There would be no way for Senate Republicans to cover for Donald Trump’s lawlessness—if he’s impeached, we’d remove him from office.

Now, imagine a different scenario: Donald Trump being sworn in for a second term on January 20, 2021, after colluding again with a foreign power. But it’s not the worst-case scenario, because we won back the Senate in 2020. We may or may not get the two-thirds necessary to remove him from office, but he’s essentially powerless with Democrats in control of Congress. 

Finally, the worst thing that could happen: Donald Trump re-elected, with Mitch McConnell in control of the Senate, able to stack the Supreme Court, the rest of the Judiciary, and the Cabinet with corrupt appointees who will defy the law so that the President can continue to collude, extort and bully his way through four more years. 

We can’t let that happen. That’s why we’re urging you to give $5 or more to each candidate on our Senate Red to Blue slate before the end-of-quarter fundraising deadline on September 30.

This slate includes Maine’s House Speaker Sara Gideon, who’s running against Sen. Susan Collins. Sen. Collins will soon have to vote yes or no on whether to remove Donald Trump from office—and if she votes no, we want Sara to be able to run as many ads as possible showcasing that her opponent supports this lawless President.

It also includes former Lieutenant Governor candidate Sarah Riggs Amico and Columbus, GA mayor Teresa Tomlinson, who could fill Georgia’s two open Senate seats, and Amy McGrath (KY), Theresa Greenfield (IA) and MJ Hegar (TX).

Give $5 to each of them before tomorrow’s end-of-quarter deadline—so Democrats can win back the Senate and prevent the worst-case scenario.

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