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It’s happening-

President Trump’s impeachment trial starts TODAY at 1PM ET in the US Senate.

All Senators and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, were sworn in (similar to what happens in a regular jury trial) last week. Now, they’ll start debating the trial rules, including whether witnesses can be called.

We’re not holding our breath. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has shown us that his only interest is protecting Trump. And vulnerable Republicans—like Sen. Susan Collins of Maine—have tended to fall in line.

A President’s corrupt conduct should always be investigated thoroughly and fairly. That’s why we need to put Democrats in charge of the US Senate.

We can do that by electing Sara Gideon in Maine and flipping the five other seats on our 2020 Red to Blue slate. Chip in $5 or more now.

Let’s face it: Donald Trump is likely to escape this trial without facing any consequences—and he could win another term in November. If that happens, we must have a Democratic majority in the Senate to protect us from this emboldened, lawless President.

That means replacing Sen. Collins with Sara Gideon.

It means sending Sen. Joni Ernst and Sen. John Cornyn packing in Iowa and Texas, and putting Theresa Greenfield and MJ Hegar or Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez in their places.

And filling open seats in Kansas and Georgia with Barbara Bollier and Sarah Riggs Amico or Teresa Tomlinson.

Plus helping Amy McGrath kick out Sen. McConnell himself!

Let’s make that happen: Give $5 now to each candidate on our 2020 Red to Blue slate.

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