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It’s time again to say goodbye to our summer interns, and as we do every year, we asked each of them to create a personalized WomenCount slate that reflects their values, interests, and experience this summer.

Please read all about our interns and consider supporting their slates! And a huge thank you to Anya, Lara, and Maddyx from all of us at WomenCount.


Anya Motwani is a rising senior at The Nueva School, where she runs the school’s TEDx club. She ventured into politics in 2016, when she began to notice how social media and technology were changing politics, and the sexism that undercut most of the political rhetoric in this country. When she is not in the classroom or working on a new project, Anya loves to spend her free time playing the piano and babysitting her niece.

A little more from Anya about her slate, Women Advocating for Maternal Health:

“As we emerge in this post-Dobbs era, making sure we are helping to elect officials who care and advocate for securing these healthcare-related rights is more vital than ever. The candidates on this slate have worked in their respective offices to champion initiatives and measures that work toward ensuring adequate maternal healthcare.”

Check out Anya’s slate, Women Advocating for Maternal Health.


Lara is a rising junior at the Nueva School. She leads the school’s Model United Nations team, which sparked her passion in international relations and public policy. Since 2016, she has been inspired to volunteer and phone bank for progressive issues and candidates who are fighting sexism. She loves advocating for womens’ initiatives, from sanitary product drives to combating sexist microaggressions in the classroom. In her free time, Lara enjoys playing basketball with her sister and reading all the (semi-feminist) romance novels she can find. 

A little more from Lara about her slate, Women Fighting Gender-Based Violence and Gender Inequality:

“Women face increased difficulties running for and being elected to office, and often don’t have the political bandwidth to make fighting for women’s issues a significant part of their platform. Candidates on this slate have shared their struggles as working mothers and survivors of domestic violence, and I wanted to highlight their stories and their passion for supporting women.”

Check out Lara’s slate, Women Fighting Gender-Based Violence and Gender Inequality.

We also wish a warm send-off to Maddyx Bride (not pictured). Maddyx is a rising junior at Acalanes High School, where she edits the school’s newspaper and enjoys writing about issues that impact her community. Maddyx enjoys learning new languages and speaks Mandarin and German. The fall of Roe v. Wade piqued her interest in politics, and she started learning more about the role politics plays in women’s rights. Throughout the summer Maddyx researched women running in congressional and down-ballot races, analyzed social media as a means of fundraising for candidates, and assisted in building our new Electing Women website. She also joined us as a volunteer for a Biden-Harris fundraiser for a June event with First Lady Jill Biden. In her free time, Maddyx loves baking new recipes and reading.

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