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After Labor Day is traditionally when campaigns kick into high gear, looking to make the most of the final 60 days until Election Day. 

Today we’re just slightly past that deadline—with 56 days to go—so we’re rolling out our final recommendations on the Top 10 state and local races you should support before Nov. 7. 

Check out the slate and chip in $5 or more to each race.

The candidates are: 


  • Ohio Abortion Ballot Referendum: Polls favor the passage of this pro-abortion amendment, but inflammatory official ballot language developed by Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State has backers worried.
  • Kentucky Governor/Lieutenant Governor: Cook currently rates this race Lean D in favor of incumbent Gov. Andy Beshear and Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman, but a lot can happen before Election Day.
  • Mississippi Attorney General: A September Siena College poll shows the Republican incumbent leading Greta Kemp Martin by double digits, but the number of undecideds plus Greta’s low name recognition shows room to make this race competitive.

Virginia Legislature 

Democrats are working hard to hold the Senate and flip the state House this year. Republicans, led by Gov. Glenn Youngkin, have responded with the lowest tactics imaginable, including a personal smear campaign against Susanna Gibson. 

  • State Assembly District 57: This is an open seat Democrat Susanna Gibson is hoping to hold. It went 50 percent for Democrats in the 2022 midterms, but 51 percent for Youngkin in 2021.
  • State Assembly District 82: This is a flippable seat that went 50.6 percent for Youngkin in 2021, but 50.5 percent for the Democratic Congressional incumbent in the 2022 midterms. Kimberly Adams is endorsed by our partner Elect Black Women PAC.
  • State Senate District 31: This is a flippable, open seat that went 50 percent for Youngkin in 2021 but 52.7 percent for Democrats in 2022. Democrat Russet Perry, however, is being badly outspent by almost $700k.

City & County

  • Boise, Idaho Mayor: Incumbent Lauren McLean is facing a strong challenge from Boise police chief Mike Masterson, who has attacked her crime policies even though his tenure was rocked by a scandal over the hiring of white supremacists.
  • Evansville, Indiana Mayor: The current Republican mayor is not seeking re-election. Stephanie Terry is the first Democrat to run for mayor since 2015 and is slightly favored to win. She is endorsed by our partner Elect Black Women PAC.
  • Spokane, Washington Mayor: Lisa Brown is challenging the current Republican mayor, whose campaign is flailing after she was caught attending a gathering of Christian nationalist preachers.
  • Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Judge: La Tasha Williams and her Republican opponent are vying for one open seat on the county court. Dauphin includes Harrisburg, but also enough rural areas that the race is competitive. La Tasha is endorsed by our partner, Elect Black Women.

Make sure these women are funded during the final stretch: Chip in $5 to each of them ASAP.

PS — A quick update on the Rhode Island special election that wrapped up last week. The two viable women candidates, state Sen. Sandra Cano and Lt. Gov. Sabina Matos, came up short with 14 percent and 8 percent of the vote respectively. We will keep you updated on any other special Congressional elections this year if there are viable women.

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