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We’re heartbroken to have lost another qualified woman from the presidential race. But Senator Kamala Harris bowed out in a spirit true to her campaign: by taking a clear-eyed look at the facts, and speaking the truth to her supporters.

Take a second to watch and listen to her announcement on Twitter.

We don’t say this often enough, but Sen. Harris was critical to WomenCount’s formation and success. When WomenCount first formed in the early 1990s to encourage more women to vote, Sen. Harris was one of our core organizers and champions. And since then, she’s been one of our biggest boosters. As you may know, WomenCount is based in California—so she’s also our home-state Senator.

In recent years, we’ve been proud to return some of the support she’s given us, by featuring her on our groundbreaking crowdfunding platform—the first and only crowdfunding platform for Democratic women. First, when we debuted in 2015 and she was kicking off her run for US Senate, and then, when she announced her presidential run 11 months ago.

Watching Sen. Harris speak to the values of truth and justice in her concession video, it’s comforting to know that although she won’t be the 2020 nominee, she’ll still be in the Senate fighting this President. We’re positively tingling with excitement just thinking about watching her during next year’s Senate impeachment trial.

And that’s where we want to turn our attention in our final message about Sen. Harris’s presidential campaign: the Senate. The next President is going to need a Democratic Senate—and especially more members like Sen. Harris who are so committed to truth and justice.

In her honor, donate to our slate of women who can flip the Senate and join her as new colleagues.

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