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When Kamala officially accepts the 2020 Democratic Vice Presidential nomination tonight, we’re sure she won’t mince words about the fight that lies ahead.

We are already seeing the rhetorical battleground take shape—and it is, as expected, ugly.

Republicans are dusting off the racist “birther” conspiracy theory they used to try and delegitimize Barack Obama. The instigator this time around is, again, Donald Trump, who threw the accusation out during an official press conference.

In the same breath Trump said she is “nasty” and “angry,” accusations he levels at all women who stand up to him, but given that Kamala is a Black woman, those accusations have a bonus racist edge to their obvious sexism.

And, as they did with Hillary Clinton, the Republican smear machine is painting Kamala as dishonest because of small changes in her positions on complex policy issues. No white man would be so thoroughly tagged as a liar because of his political evolution (no shade on Joe Biden, but case in point!).

We know the smears are going to get worse. Let’s make sure Kamala has the grassroots support, from us, she needs to fight them.

Chip in $5 or more now to our Kamala’s (On) The Ticket slate, and help us hit our $2,020 goal.

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