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These last few weeks the political media have been completely focused on the 2020 presidential hopefuls.

That’s why it’s flown under the radar that on Feb. 8, the National Republican Congressional Committee released its first list of the Democratic 2020 targets.

It’s a list 55 House members long, including 25 women, most of whom are first-termers who were just elected last year. That’s right—nearly half of the NRCC’s top targets are women. And if Democrats lose even a fraction of these new seats, we lose the majority.

WomenCount will start fighting for these seats now, kicking off with our slate of 2020 Top 10 Most Endangered Democrats.

Chip in $50 now—just $5 to each candidate—and help them get a head start on their Republican opponent. Consider making it a recurring donation and have their backs all the way to election day.

You may ask how we chose these 10 women out of the 25 on the NRCC list. We had three factors in mind:

Are they running in a presidential battleground state? Districts in Florida, Michigan and Iowa fit that description.

Were the races in 2018 close? Our picks in Georgia (a rising battleground state), Virginia (a state that is thankfully moving squarely into the Democratic column), New Mexico and Oklahoma include districts that went blue by 2 points or less.

Finally, did the district go to Trump in 2016? Nine of our 10 districts did.

Check them out and chip in $5 to each candidate.

A Democrat in the Oval Office in 2021 won’t be able to do much without a Democratic Congress. We need to defend these women who made history—and we need to start now.

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