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After weeks of secretive deal-making and down-to-the-wire votes, Congressional Republicans succeeded today at passing their scam of a tax bill.

Chief among the bad things in it are the repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate and tax cuts that bypass working- and middle-class Americans. Republicans are already hinting they’ll use starving the government as an excuse to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

We must keep up the Democratic momentum we saw peak in Alabama and Virginia this year if we want to have a hope of stopping this regressive agenda in 2018. 

Chip in $5 to the two Democratic challengers and four vulnerable incumbent women Senators on our Blue Christmas slate.

Make it a gift in honor of someone else and we’ll send an e-mail message to the recipient on Christmas Day.

Even though this tax battle is the Resistance’s first major legislative loss, don’t lose hope, because we’re winning the war.

The fact that we were able to elect a pro-choice Democrat in Alabama, erase a 33-seat Republican legislative majority in Virginia, and defend the ACA from wholesale repeal shows just how high enthusiasm is for Democrats going into 2018.

And yesterday, we notched one more victory: Shelly Simonds won her recount in Virginia by one vote, giving us a 50-50 power-sharing split in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Will you help us have a blue 2018 by giving to our Blue Christmas slate of Democratic women who can help us take control of the Senate?

After payment you will have the option to make your donation a gift. 

Thanks, and happy holidays —–   especially to those of you who are finishing up Hanukkah today!

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