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I did something out of my comfort zone yesterday and posted about my birthday on Facebook — to announce I was starting a WomenCount team for the Senate Six Pack and asking friends to donate in my honor. The post read: “All I want for my birthday this year (after good health and world peace) is to elect Hillary and give her a Democratic Senate …”

I set a goal of $500 and let my networks do the rest. By 8 p.m., my post had multiple shares, dozens of comments, and a whopping $2,275 in donations to women candidates running to flip Senate seats in November. The response reflects the power of crowdfunding — and the value of going personal.

I am writing to you as a loyal user of WomenCount’s platform to ask you to make it personal and start your own team for the Senate Six Pack.

It’s easy: Fill out this simple form and we will create the team for you and send you a link to start sharing.

Whether it’s to mark your birthday, an anniversary, a new job, a full moon, or an ordinary Wednesday, ask your friends to support the women who will flip the Senate this year simply because it is important to you.

Imagine if we had Stacy’s Team, Kate’s Team, Mary’s Team, and your team each raising $500 for the Senate Six Pack. You get the idea … it adds up.

Once your team is ready to go, send an e-mail to your friends, share on Facebook, tweet. Write from the heart about why it matters to you to have more Democrats — and more women — in the Senate. These candidates need resources to defeat the Republican incumbents they are facing in November.

Be part of the solution — help spread the word! Click here to start your team.

With thanks,

Stacy Mason, Executive Director


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