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Since it opened last year, Manny’s cafe in San Francisco’s Mission District has become a hub of progressive organizing.

The combination restaurant, political bookshop, and event space has hosted civic leaders, artists, activists, business leaders, journalists, writers, and political candidates, including candidates supported by WomenCount.

Now, Manny’s has closed its doors for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis—but the activism hasn’t stopped. This week, they started hosting 30-minute live-streamed civic conversations, and they’ve asked me to participate.

During my livestream this Monday at 3PM, I’m dedicating my 30 minutes to the five women who are vying to flip the Senate this year. And Manny himself has graciously agreed to virtually “host” them by creating his own slate.

Can you give $5 to each of them now—and $5 to Manny’s to help keep this important space afloat during these difficult economic times?

All conversations are free with a suggested donation, but I’m hoping you will choose to donate to Manny’s slate, and support these Senate candidates and his cafe.

The purpose of these conversations is to give people hope and inspiration, distribute necessary information, lift people’s spirits, and continue to civically engage the public in a time of need. That’s what Manny’s has always been about, and I’m so glad they’re continuing their mission right now.

Please help me help Manny’s and these five women who can flip the Senate. If you’re able, give $5 or more to Manny’s slate.

And make sure to RSVP for my talk on Monday, March 30 at 3PM PDT.

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