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March primaries

Photo By Theresa Thompson, on Flickr

Now that the Texas primary is over, we’re a little closer to knowing who our confirmed Democratic challengers will be.

Congratulations to Lillian Salerno (TX-32) and Gina Ortiz Jones (TX-23), who advanced into runoffs, as well as Lizzie Pannill Fletcher and Laura Moser, who will face each other in a runoff for TX-7.

Now, we have to go all in on the Illinois primary. On March 20, voters will decide who they want to take on vulnerable Republicans—and whether or not they want Marie Newman to replace Rep. Dan Lipinski in his safe Democratic seat. 

Chip in $5 to each of these 4 women to help them over the finish line!

We don’t have to tell you we have great odds of sending a lot of new Democrats to the House of Representatives this fall. The real question is: How many of those new Democrats will be women?

If we want 2018 to be another Year of the Woman, we have to step up right now to ensure women make it out of their primaries. Because know women candidates still face an uphill battle—especially when it comes to fundraising compared to their male rivals.

That’s why we created our March Primaries slate—to give women candidates a crowdfunding advantage. Chip in $5 to each of these 4 women running in the Illinois primary and help them

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