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Off-year mayoral contests are picking up again in August—and we need to make sure these four women are set up for success. 

View the candidates and chip in $5 to each on our 2023 Mayors slate.

The most competitive mayoral race is on Aug. 3 in Nashville, where 12 candidates are vying to succeed outgoing Democratic Mayor John Cooper. There are two competitive Democratic women in a race that features multiple well-known men, as well as a Republican strategist who could win as much as 30 percent of the vote, forcing a runoff on Sept. 14.

  • Heidi Campbell, Nashville: Heidi is a state senator who ran for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District last year, falling just short of holding the seat for Democrats (it was redistricted to be more Republican.)
  • Sharon Hurt, Nashville: Sharon is a Nashville city council member who has been endorsed by our partner, Elect Black Women PAC. Her campaign has strong popular support but fundraising has been an issue.

Remember, you can give to both of these women to make them competitive against the men, or feel free to customize your donation.

There are also two incumbent women in noncompetitive primaries who could potentially face tough general election races. 

  • Regina Romero, Tucson: Regina will face a nominal challenger in the Aug. 1 primary, but will need to emerge strong to face a self-funding independent, advertising executive Ed Ackerly, and Republican Janet Wittenbraker.
  • Erin Mendenhall, Salt Lake City: Erin is in a strong position to win re-election, but is facing a challenge from former two-term mayor Rocky Anderson, who has made crime and homelessness central to his campaign. The primary is Aug. 15.

Rush a donation to these four women ASAP—the first primary is just 12 days away.

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