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Did you know that this year, for the very first time, you can donate through WomenCount to women running in critical races statewide, not just US House and Senate races?

That’s because there are 13 states where Democrats have a real path to controlling the governorship and both legislative chambers, including Nevada. Democrats actually already control the Nevada legislature, but the state senate is vulnerable.

We can also pick up a US Senate seat with Rep. Jacky Rosen, and hold her House seat with Susie Lee.

Donate $5 now to each of the women on our statewide Nevada slate!

Why are these races so important? It’s clear that if we win back the US House and Senate this year, we can put the brakes on Trump’s agenda—including his extremist judicial nominees.

But our Congressional wins will get fewer and fewer if Republican gerrymandering makes it impossible for Democrats to compete, and voter suppression laws make it impossible for Democrats to vote. We must control state governments too.

That’s why we need Kate Marshall in the the lieutenant governor’s office, and to help Yvanna Cancela and Julie Pazina keep and win seats in the Nevada senate.

Donate $5 now to each of them now.


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