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Lisa Blunt Rochester

The 2024 US Senate field is about to get a little bigger. 

Sen. Tom Carper of Delaware announced his retirement this morning, clearing the way for Delaware Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester to run for the office this cycle.

We’re expecting her to officially announce soon. In the meantime, please be one of her first grassroots donors by donating to her on our 2024 US Senate slate.

Lisa is a phenomenal representative and the perfect candidate to fill this seat because, like most of her constituents, her road to personal and professional fulfillment has been a winding one. 

In the 1980s she left college to live and travel the world with her first husband. After finally completing her degree, she—and this is true—became an intern for then-US Rep. Carper in 1989. She continued to work in Carper’s administration when he became governor, until leaving state government in 2004 to lead the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League.

But it was her personal life that would galvanize Lisa back into politics. After divorcing her first husband in 2003, she met the love of her life, Charles Rochester. They were married for only 8 years when Charles suddenly died, and Lisa had what she describes as her “midlife awakening.” That culminated in 2016 when she became the first woman and first person of color to serve Delaware in Congress. 

Now, Lisa is on the cusp of breaking another barrier—adding another Black woman to the US Senate.

In his retirement announcement, Sen. Carper explicitly acknowledged his ability to play a role in Lisa’s campaign: “You’ve been patient, waiting for me to get out of the way, and I’m going to get out of the way … I hope you will run and let me support you in that.” 

It’s something we’re always hoping for—but rarely see—from the 25% of Members of Congress who are men over the age of 65. We have to applaud him for the full-throated support he’s offered to Lisa. 

Put your support behind her early too: Give $5 or more to her through our 2024 US Senate slate.

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