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Today our partners at Elect Black Women PAC are releasing nine new endorsements for 2022!

These women are competing in primaries happening as early as March, so we need to get a jump now on funding them. 

This is a great way to kick off the new year and get to work on one of our most important resolutions: Supporting more Black women running for office, helping fill the political pipeline and diversifying state and national institutions. 

Learn more and give $5 or more to each of these women on our Elect Black Women PAC slate:

  • Andrea Rosenthal, State Assembly, District 39, CA 
  • Pamela Price, District Attorney, Alameda County, CA 
  • Alana Mathews, District Attorney, Sacramento, CA
  • Melissa Myers, State House, District 45, FL 
  • Valerie Foushee, US House, District 6, NC 
  • Dr. Linda R Wilson, County Council, Greensboro, NC
  • Aminah Thomas, City Clerk, Durham, NC
  • Temiika D. Gipson, County Clerk, Shelby County, TN 
  • Veronica Nelson, Judge, Harris County, TX

Let’s make sure these women have the cash they need to compete and win now, increasing Black women’s representation and filling the pipeline for statewide and national races.

We’re really hoping you can give $5 or more today to help us meet our goal this month of raising $40,000 or more for Elect Black Women PAC’s candidates.

This partnership is so important to WomenCount’s mission of bringing the power of crowdfunding to as many Democratic women as possible. 

Thanks so much for your support!

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