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We know there’s a lot of uncertainty at the top of the Democratic ticket right now, but that hasn’t changed our mission: Empowering women donors to grow their influence, thereby helping ensure women running for office at all levels have the financial resources to run and win. 

Rallying around down-ballot Democratic women remains our focus. That’s why today we’re excited to introduce a new partnership and a new slate that puts the women of the US House front-and-center. 

Elect Democratic Women was founded in 2018 by current and former members of Congress who wanted to support the body’s ranks of pro-choice Democratic women. It is the only member-led PAC dedicated to increasing the number of women in Congress.

The path to flipping the House to Democratic control relies on holding our sitting incumbents—and we also can’t risk going backwards in the overall number of women in the House. 

In the 2024 election, EDW is supporting 16 frontline incumbent women running in the closest races. These candidates need funding now, starting with eight vulnerable freshmen:

  • Mary Peltola, AK-At Large, Lean D 
  • Yadira Caraveo, CO-8, Toss Up 
  • Nikki Budzinski, IL-13, Likely D 
  • Hillary Scholten, MI-3, Likely D 
  • Emilia Sykes, OH-13, Toss Up 
  • Val Hoyle, OR-4, Likely D 
  • Andrea Salinas, OR-6, Likely D 
  • Marie Gluesenkamp Pérez, WA-3, Toss Up
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