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Red, Black and Green Remember and Celebrate Juneteenth Instagram Post

Today, Americans across the country are celebrating Juneteenth, our newest national holiday. Black Americans have celebrated it for decades as the official end of slavery in the United States. Federally recognized since 2021, it’s now a day we’re all called upon to renew our efforts to build a more racially just society. 

That’s why today we are calling on our community to recognize Juneteenth by giving $50 or more to our new Juneteenth Top 10 slate—10 candidates running in competitive general and primary races, up and down the ballot.

The slate includes Vice President Kamala Harris, as well as: 

  • Angela Alsobrooks, US Senate, Likely D, Open-D: Angela is favored to win this open general election seat in Maryland, though former Gov. Larry Hogan is a formidable opponent who will keep the race closer than we’d like.
  • Rep. Jahana Hayes, CT-5, Lean-D, Incumbent: Jahana only won her district last year 50.4 to 49.6 percent, so we can’t get complacent as she will likely face a rematch against former state Sen. George Logan.
  • Pamela Pugh, MI-8, Toss-Up, Open-D: The frontrunner in this August Democratic primary is a White woman, but Pamela, a state education board member, is competitive, and we’d like to see a result where both women edge out the sole man running.
  • Rep. Emilia Sykes, OH-13, Toss-Up, Incumbent: Emilia held this district for Democrats last cycle 52.7 to 47.3 percent, though its partisan rating is R+1. Her challenger is former Ohio state Sen. Kevin Coughlin.
  • Janelle Bynum, OR-5, Toss-Up, Flip: Janelle is the only Black woman in the Oregon state House, and will be the only Black person representing Oregon in Congress if she wins in November.
  • Justice Kyra Harris Bolden, MI-Supreme Court, Toss-Up, Incumbent: The bench is split 4-3 in favor of the liberal wing, with Kyra being the most junior justice. She is the first Black woman to sit on the state’s highest court.
  • Dr. Jasmine Clark, GA-House-108, Toss-Up, Incumbent: Jasmine, a former practicing microbiologist, has faced tight elections ever since she flipped this seat with 50.7 percent of the vote in 2018.
  • Rev. Donna Vanhook, NC-Senate-25, Lean R, Flip: Donna is challenging sitting Republican state Rep. Amy Galey.
  • Safiyah Jackson, NC-House-37, Lean R, Flip: Safiyah is challenging sitting Republican state Sen. Erin Paré in this swing district that a Democrat won in 2018 before Republicans flipped it back.

Give $5 now to each of these women on our Juneteenth Top 10 slate.

Thanks, and happy Juneteenth!

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